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I am...


Which of the following best describes your primary skin concern…

Demanding skin (35 years of age +)

My skin shows the first signs of aging. I notice fine lines and lack of elasticity.

Skin in need of regeneration

My skin looks tired and affected by environmental factors and stress.

Sensitive skin

My skin is reactive. It is red and has areas that are irritated.

Dry skin

My skin is dull and rough. It feels tight and is sensitive.

Oily or combination skin

My skin is dry on the cheeks but oily with large pores in the T-zone, from forehead to chin.

Blemished skin

My skin is shiny. It has a tendency towards excess sebum and inflammation.

I would like to...

reduce fine lines and wrinkles Absolutely Maybe Not at all
improve the radiance of my skin and prevent signs of fatigue Absolutely Maybe Not at all
manage blemishes, excess sebum and annoying shiny skin Absolutely Maybe Not at all
combat dry cheeks, oily skin from forehead to chin and large pores Absolutely Maybe Not at all
deal with roughness and feelings of tightness Absolutely Maybe Not at all
counteract irritations and redness Absolutely Maybe Not at all

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The online BABOR product advisor is no substitute for a professional skin analysis performed exclusively by our estheticians at our BABOR salons and SPAs. Their aim is to meet your most exacting skincare needs and to give your complexion a long-lasting, healthy glow.